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Once Upon a time

There was a time, when as a nation we were famous for producing things that lasted a lifetime, things that were made here, on our soil. We had a sense of pride knowing that objects were made by great British craftsmen. Passionate, trained craftsmen that were employed for a lifetime. Objects were not simply disregarded and replaced but valued and enjoyed.

Middleton Bespoke was born from a lineage of folk that believe in those timehonored principles. We believe that once again we should buy things that are built to last, made by craftspeople who care and take pride in what they build with their hands, and that we should invest wisely on things that sit beautifully in our homes.

Things that make us happy every day shared with others that create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

Our family knows all too well that kitchens create memories.
Kitchens are where we retreat to,
where good food is made and eaten,
where wine and conversation flows,
where delicious smells fill the air,
where laughter echoes,
where our children create masterpieces,
where we have our first coffee of the day watching the sunrise
– the heart of our homes

Jasper Max Gemma

Meet the Middletons

Jasper Middleton

Jasper is our founder & Design Director and leads every project from concept stage to completion. Jasper began his career in cabinet making after serving his time as a carpenter. That inherent understanding of cabinetry and construction gives Jasper a unique insight into kitchen design. After leaving Brighton College Jasper studied fine arts and antiques at University and as a designer has a talent for creating unique bespoke arrangements which are tailored to our clients.

Jasper is a keen cook and Aga enthusiast so passionate about creating spaces that really work for busy lives. Outside of work Jasper loves all countryside pursuits and is also partial to a game of cricket with our local pub team!

Maxwell Middleton

Keeping it in the family, Max, Jasper’s brother is our co-founder and installations director. Max is cabinet maker by craft and manages and personally manages all of our installations with the team. Max’s skill and craftmanship as a cabinet maker bring the next level of quality finish to our installations.

After leaving Brighton College and finishing university Max followed in the family footsteps to train as a cabinet maker and both brothers have worked together ever since. Max is a keen golfer and enjoys nice restaurants with time spent with family and good friends.

Gemma Middleton

Jasper’s wife Gemma is our Operations manager and has worked in the business from the beginning alongside Jasper and Max. With a passion for design and people Gemma enjoys managing the background of our projects and helping to make the design journey and enjoyable one. 

With clinical precision Gemma runs our projects and enjoys warm relationships with our clients. When not at work Gemma enjoys family time with children, ponies, dogs and country life.

Looking for inspiration or designs for a forthcoming project?

Heritage, Passion and Soul.

Carpentry and woodworking has been the Middleton family trade for many generations – from houses to kitchens to intricate pieces of furniture – it’s in our blood.

We believe the kitchen is at the heart of every home, that our cabinetry should serve the function of the kitchen by being tailored specifically to your requirements. After Jasper’s own kitchen for the family cottage was featured in Country Homes and Interiors, interest in his work began to grow and gather speed.

We are proud of our heritage. We are passionate about our craft. We are Middleton.


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