-    -  Be Free- The Virtues of a Freestanding Kitchen

Be Free- The Virtues of a Freestanding Kitchen

The edit on freestanding kitchen cabinetry for ‘Essential Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom’ magazine by our Design Director, Jasper.

What are the advantages of freestanding kitchen cabinetry over fitted?

It gives a much lighter look to the space and gives the cabinetry authenticity. Freestanding kitchen cabinetry allows for a more sophisticated composed arrangement that results in the cabinetry standing more as pieces of furniture seamlessly within their environment.

Why should you choose freestanding?

Freestanding cabinetry suggests a more sympathetically balanced arrangement within the setting of the kitchen when compared with the fitted kitchen that needs to fill every last milimetre of space.

What practical considerations are there to think about?

It’s worth giving consideration to the following points and we work with these thoughts as we design your kitchen

  • Interaction with other more fitted parts of the kitchen cabinetry.
  • Gaps between cabinets.
  • Levels, beams, windows etc.
  • Concealing cables or pipes that may run between cabinets.
  • Access to kitchen for large prices of furniture. At Middleton all of our cabinets are made as individual pieces of furniture and are often extremely heavy so consideration must be given to access of the kitchen.
  • Meticulous pre-planning for plumbing and electrics so that cables can be accommodated in cabinets leg, pipes in voids etc.It’s never good to see the bottom of an integrated fridge or dishwasher poking out underneath an open legged freestanding cabinet. We would often recommend siting these within the cabinet but in a non-integrated fashion, showing honesty and real confidence in the joinery. Flat stainless steel sits so well with traditional English kitchen cabinetry.

What about aesthetic considerations?

Balance is key when freestanding cabinets are viewed as individual pieces rather than a fitted kitchen that is judged en mass. As such harmony is essential in order that one element doesn’t dominate or shout louder than another.

Are there any current trends in terms of style, size, materials, and finish?

A mixture of surfaces and cabinet colours are on trend, giving continuity through using the same colour throughout which is complemented by a further colour used in something such as an island or larder cupboard.

And what about purpose? Are some products more suited to freestanding design than others?

Anything can be made to freestand-there are no excuses. The important point is the difference between freestanding and made to fit. Fitted cabinetry may require “custom” panels in order to overcome unusual site conditions such as a wobbly beam whereas freestanding can be made to work more harmoniously with unusual architectural quirks.

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