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Working with Middleton

At Middleton we believe that bespoke means designing kitchens specially for each client and their unique home. Our design ethos is based on the functional and purposeful Georgian principles of the kitchen; with tailored destinations suited to certain tasks.

We enjoy the whole process, not just deciding on the family of furniture pieces we will create, but the finished bespoke look too. Colours, flooring, lighting, worktops, sinks, cookers, appliances, wall colours, tiles, and taps. All have an important role to play in delivery of our clients dream kitchen.

We understand that the same cabinet arrangements can look entirely different, be it classic or contemporary, by virtue of the chosen door bead, mouldings, colours, countertops and details. We are masters in creating and fine-tuning the palette of these elements to get the “look” just right.

We know it can seem daunting but this is our craft. Get in touch to walk the journey with us.

Looking for inspiration or designs for a forthcoming project?

1. Initial conversation

Our design journey starts with an informal visit, email or call. It’s great to have an understanding of the project timelines, style and budget at the early stages as we begin to form ideas together. Pop in for a coffee, give us a call or contact us online to start the conversation.

2. Design brief

After our initial conversations we work with our clients to create a brief considering all the key details of your dream kitchen. We collect a brief from all of our clients including style, preferences, lifestyle considerations, budget and details of the property along with any architects’ drawings. It’s very much a collaborative process and it’s those initial sparks from the clients that fire the imagination of our Design Director, Jasper as he begins to build the picture of your space.

3. Design consultation

Following our sharing of ideas, we like to welcome our clients to the showroom barns for a design consultation. Our showroom barns are set as living kitchens which allows clients to visualise how an arrangement may work in their space. Our Classic, Country, Modern and Heritage kitchens have a range of finishes and details for our clients to experience. Our Design Director Jasper will often share a line drawing, specification and outline cost of the cabinetry at this stage as a basis for your bespoke kitchen commission.

4. Design refinement

Once we’re aligned with your project it’s time for our Design Director Jasper to bring your design to life. Each of our bespoke kitchens has its own unique characteristics which set it apart and make it yours. We work closely with our clients and pride ourselves on our exemplarily attention to detail. Jasper our Design Director will provide a detailed specification of your kitchen including finishes, cabinetry details, ironmongery and appliances. We work closely with your team of architects, interior designers and contractors throughout the whole evolution of your bespoke kitchen design.

5. Home visit

Jasper our Design Director and Max our Installations Director will then visit your home to check measurements ahead of production of your bespoke kitchen. This helps us to get a feel for the space and overcome any challenges there may be with installation or make any necessary tweaks to the design. We have installed our kitchens in the leafy mews of central London and also in remote country houses and are able to overcome any challenges that might arise. We will often meet with your contractor at this stage and share our pre-installation guidance. The team are on hand at all stages of your works to discuss and advise on all of the preparatory works to your space making it a seamless path from concept to creation.

6. Final Stages

As the design journey comes to an end, we will share the production drawings for your bespoke kitchen for approval. We will also establish timelines and share a schedule for installation. We align our schedules to minimise any disruption to our clients and work with you to accommodate any challenges you face. With the design finalised and timelines established we will then begin crafting your bespoke kitchen ready for its installation into your home led by Max, our Installations Director and our highly skilled team.

Bespoke family service

We believe in good old-fashioned customer service and that the experience of our clients should be just as bespoke as their kitchen. We understand that our clients deserve a seamless, professional journey and we enjoy the many friendships we have forged.

We are a family business and the values of trust, integrity and honesty are very dear to us. With the Middleton service you will experience a positive, ‘can-do’, no quibbles approach.

With direct contact with Jasper and Max and the same team involved from design to installation nothing is lost in communication.

Our small business attitude means the local value is passed onto our clients with cabinetry of the highest quality. Our kitchens rival those of London’s finest makers and we have 100% record for delivering on-time. With nothing but delighted clients we pride ourselves on our Middleton family values.

We can’t thank you enough for all your time, effort and help designing / making our beautiful kitchen. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result and can’t wait to start using it!!

Please do come back, have a cup of tea and a look once the splash back is in place.

Mickey & Mark

We remain totally delighted with our kitchen and, I think without exception, everyone who has visited our house has commented on what a beautiful kitchen it is. Well done and thank you both

Tricia & Chris

All is looking good! Thank you all.

Also, a big thank you for L’s fabulous step. She opened it last night and was very excited. Again, huge thanks!

Georgie & Tom


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