-    -  Middleton featured in the August 2021 Homes and Gardens

Middleton featured in the August 2021 Homes and Gardens

We are very excited to be featured in the August 2021 Edition of Homes and Gardens with our Design Director Jasper offering his expert guidance on choosing a kitchen colour for now and the future. Choosing the colour for your bespoke kitchen can feel like a huge decision. With our hand-painted cabinets you can still be brave a choose a ’standout’ element to the kitchen which can be future proofed with a repaint should fashions change or if you fancy a change. In our Tin Room kitchen our Modern Middleton cabinetry with birch ply interiors is set with our simple Graphite backdrop.

Our Design Director Jasper recommends to restrict bold choices to one cabinet or dressers and allow the rest of the cabinetry to sit with the architecture of the room. In our Tin room the bold pop of orange is allowed to shine with the background of simple greys and blues and softened by the moon faced Carrara Marble and living island.

Another simple way to introduce a bold accent is within the cabinet interiors. In our Tack Room kitchen the heritage Middleton gold shade is a perfect partner to the Mylands of London Hugenot grand housekeepers cabinet. The bolder interior is a backdrop which helps to soften such a large piece. Jasper our Design Director offers the following advice “Just like a tailored jacket or designer shoe the contrast of the interior colour with the exterior cabinetry creates an interesting design detail and can allow a bolder shade to be used without overpowering the space.” We particularly like the Middleton Heritage Gold as it works with most colours and gives warmth. Contrasting interiors look particularly great in glazed cabinets where the different shade peeks out giving a lift to what lives inside.

With our wealth of samples and living kitchens on display here in the barn showroom you can experience what different shades may look like in your home. We work with our clients to find their bespoke finishes and to bring the whole kitchen scheme together.

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