-    -  Our guide to Designing your New Kitchen

Our guide to Designing your New Kitchen

A bespoke kitchen is an investment in your home’s architecture – the right choices will last a lifetime.


1. Know your style

Consider the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your new kitchen and how this will sit with the style of your property. A bespoke kitchen is an investment in your home’s architecture – the right choices will last a lifetime. Fashions change – with one of our kitchens the colours can easily be altered in years to come, but the cabinets will become part of your heritage.

A kitchen should fit with the architecture of your home

2. Get the tape measure out

Ahead of any design consultations is hugely helpful to know the measurements of the space. We work with anything, from full architectural plans, property particulars or hand scribbled sketches. If we have accurate measurements then we can move forward to easily creating and visualising your space on our design software.

Book a Design Consultation & let us do the hard work

3. Star of the show

What’s going to be the star of your show? A fabulous island, a huge larder pantry, a gorgeous Aga cooker… or all three? Work out what’s really important – what you’ve always have dreamt of in your ideal kitchen. Great kitchen design allows the key focal points to shine.

Total Control Aga in Pearl Ashes

4. The Devil’s in the detail

Consider what’s important with the materials and finishes of your kitchen. Think about who’s using the kitchen and where the high traffic areas will be.  This will influence the important decisions on counter tops, flooring and colours. Toddlers, teenagers and pets all need to be considered!

Classic frame and bead detail

5. Create your own brief

Pinterest and Houzz are fabulous tools to create a lookbook or moodboards that can be shared with your kitchen designer. A good designer will be able to interpret even the smallest first spark of an idea, working collaboratively on creating your dream kitchen. With a Middleton kitchen the craft begins at the design stage.

Moodboards and Ideabooks get the ball rolling

6. What kind of cook are you?

Make a kitchen diary, noting down the important experiences, things you couldn’t do without, or the times when your current arrangement feels lacking. Note down how you interact with your kitchen space, working through the week, mealtime by mealtime. This will open your mind to high priority elements, such as a baker’s table where shopping will be delivered, through to where meals will be prepped and served from; as well as those less frequently used, such as a second spill over fridge, for additional groceries.

Pesto making in Hampton

7. Do your homework

Investigate what your kitchen is made from. Our cabinetry is made using traditional methods, from solid hardwood timber for exceptional strength and durability. It’s surprising the inferior, man-made materials that will be used to cut cost and save time, even at the high-end of the kitchen market – cutting down the lifespan of your kitchen in the process.

Our Sussex Workshop

8. Early bird

To achieve a seamless kitchen design it’s beneficial to be involved in a project from its infancy. At Middleton we forge great relationships with the Architects, Project Managers, Interior Designers and Contractors working on all of our projects. Having the kitchen design solved early on in the project avoids costly mistakes with plumbing and electrics and allows you to move on with other areas of your build. We take all the hassle out of liaising with the professionals and trades and provide accurate schedules and briefings ahead of all our installations. We are proud to stay that a Middleton kitchen has never missed the deadline nor gone over schedule.

A seamless installation comes with the kitchen design team involved at every stage

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