-    -  Designing a kitchen around an Aga

Designing a kitchen around an Aga

When designing an Aga kitchen, our Design Director, Jasper, has the following advice on all the little details.

Drawers and cupboards

When designing an Aga kitchen, it’s important to consider the storage of Aga trays and pans. With cooking mostly happening inside the cooker, Aga owners tend to use lots of trays. Within our Aga kitchens, we create bespoke storage for the Aga trays and system, crafting bespoke racks to exactly match Aga tray sizes and store them in a convenient manner.

Aga companion drawers and cupboards with bespoke racks for Aga trays

Utensil drawers:

It’s important to have all utensils easily to hand, in particular the essential Aga gauntlet gloves, which can look a little unsightly if out on the kitchen counter tops. Within our Aga kitchens we use graduated drawers for maximal storage. The top drawer has bespoke storage for Aga gloves and utensils. The two lower drawers accommodate the various sized Aga pots and pans. We find this is a better use of space than having two pan drawers.

Bespoke sizing to house Aga essentials

Fit of the cabinets:

The near-700mm depth of an Aga cooker means it’s quite different from a conventional cooker, which can present challenges with standard kitchen cabinets. The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it can be crafted to accommodate these nuances. We also consider the height of the Aga, which is higher than a conventional cooker. This has an impact on the setting on the cabinets and also the finished countertop height. We design the cabinetry to accommodate the extra depth and height, so that all cabinets finish in line with the Aga, leaving no unsightly gaps.

Bespoke sizing to house Aga essentials

The Aga splashback:

It’s important to consider what’s going on behind the Aga. In the busy Aga kitchen, there’s often lots of pots and pans between the hot plates and within the cooker when preparing meals. Suitable material is required behind the Aga, one which not only complements the arrangement but that’s also hardwearing and durable in this high use area. We help our clients consider all available options – be it stone, bespoke tilling, or a mirrored finish – and help create a desired aesthetic that works in tandem with the practical requirements.

Contemporary Bianco Eclipse Aga splashblack

Aga Pot fillers:

A pot filler within the Aga kitchen is an invaluable addition. The larger Aga pots and pans can be heavy when filled with water and a hassle for the cook to walk from the sink to the Aga, particularly in larger kitchens. With a pot filler located behind the Aga, filling pots and pans is convenient and complements the Aga experience. Popping on the kettle is also a breeze!

Aga pot filler for convenient water source by the cooker

Electrical connections

Your Aga installation engineer will advise on the electrical connections required for your Aga cooker. Within our bespoke Aga kitchens, we locate a convenient position for the Aga spur; close at hand but preferably not in sight. We find that considering the little details at the conception stage of kitchen design leads to the most cohesive approach with Aga’s installation engineers.

Often the connection will be house to the rear of the drawers

Aga Niches

We are passionate about creating Aga kitchens for keen cooks, with every detail considered. Our stone niches beside the Aga create a practical and beautiful storage area for keeping all the essential herbs and spices close to hand. Our Aga niches house ingredients that are frequently used at your fingertips, while freeing up valuable countertop space.

Stone niches for oils and spice close at hand to the cook

Lighting around the Aga

The cook will spend lots of time in the Aga area, so effective lighting not only helps with the aesthetic of the kitchen but is also a key consideration when designing an Aga kitchen. Aga cookers are often housed within a mantle structure, so good lighting from within this is very useful. Where the Aga is not housed within a mantle, task lighting can be useful on either side of the cooker to help in that busy preparation area.

Recessed lights within the Aga mantle

Counter tops in the Aga kitchen

When designing an Aga kitchen, the counter top material should be carefully considered. The first consideration is to have an appropriate amount of space either side of the Aga. Our kitchens will have trivets of the same counter material next to the Aga, as a place for hot pans. Regardless of the counter material, we would never suggest to place hot pans directly onto the counter top. Stone counter tops are more practical next to the heat of the Aga, as there can be some movement along the end grain of wooden tops. We have a selection of counter top materials on display with our Aga kitchens and numerous samples to help our clients select their counter tops in the design process.

Stone countertops beside the Aga

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