The Old Stables

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The Old Stables

The Brief

This charming old property was a former barracks for soldiers during the Napoleonic War, and now home to a young family, this cottage needed to have links to the adjacent dining and sitting rooms, whilst providing a home for everything in order to avoid things looking untidy.


As a small cottage, without the luxury of a utility room, the kitchen had to house all appliances, so larder fridge, integrated freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and bins.

A dedicated cooking space with suitable extraction was needed, along with a good counter space within the bay to make the best of views to open fields beyond, and great storage for dry foods, crockery, glasses, and linens within the tall cabinet.

Cabinet frames were kept square for an elegant look, with frames extending to the floor for a humble appearance, with doors finished with our simple angled bead and a small cock bead for a small traditional detail being applied to the top and bottom edges of all drawers. As an Aga had been a mainstay growing up, an Aga 60 was the perfect choice, allowing space for practical drawers and counter tops either side. In order to keep the palette simple, indulgent wide planked bead and butt panelling completed the cooking area splash back.

The new arrangement space has an unexpected sense of scale in what is a relatively small cottage. The new kitchen has it all in terms of function, with the cabinetry detailing working so well to reflect the history of the cottage and the youth of a young, stylish family. We also managed to create an unfitted, more furniture-based look, which was important when linking and viewing the kitchen from the adjacent social spaces.


Cabinetry: Middleton Bespoke Country Cabinetry with painted interior and Natural Oak shelving and spice racks

Counter Tops: Arbescato Marble

Colour Palette: Mylands of London Bond Street and Middleton Buff

Irnomongery: Antique Brass

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